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PHAESUN - G13-Clip-Set for PN-OP...
Bestehend aus 1x Steckfassung G13, 1x Silikonhaube, 2x Montageclip Artikel Nr :500026 Hersteller :Phaesun Produkt Gewicht :0.00 kg Gewicht inkl. Verpackung : 0.00 kg Maße :0 x 0 x 0 mm (L x B x H) Shipping :Any Bestehend aus 1x...
6,90 € *
PHAESUN - LED Röhre PN-OP 1000-T8-12V-60
There is no flickering and cold start problem as known from CFLs. Also switching on/off does not affect lifespan, such as CFLs. PN-OP tubes are for replacement of PN-OP lamps or can be used as lighting unit just in combination with PN...
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